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Perhaps best known and most beloved of the Balkan countries, Greece is cherished for its ancient architecture and astonishing natural beauty on the Aegean Sea. It’s certainly worth your visit and Balkan Tales has had plenty of tours through Greece.

10 day tour AthensOur local guides:

  • Give you an authentic taste of local life beyond what you expect!
  • Show sights and landmarks that are rarely shown on commercial tours, but are special and beautiful.
  • Suggest you the best local food, hotel, souvenir and be there for you throughout the trip.

Balkan Tales creates an experience and does so with great skill.

Local Currency: Euro
Population: 10.7 million
Religion: 90% Eastern Orthodox
Language: Greek

Below, you can see all the locations we’ve taken groups to great success – a good resource when drawing up your itinerary.

Cities to stay

We cover only a part of Athens, and for most our visits we stay in these places:


Thessaloniki is the ultimate gateway to many local destinations and the best choice for Northern Greece.

  • This big city has built its history since 315 BC, when it was founded by ancient Macedonians.
  • Its monuments dating from Byzantine times are among the UNESCO sites.

The Archeological Museum will show off ancient Macedonian artifacts, including a golden artwork collection. The Atatürk Museum, with free admission, is the house where this important figure for Turkey was born. Don’t miss the Roman forum, which was dug up by chance. Imagine how gladiators fought on the arena. The White Tower is the remaining part of the ancient city walls.


  • Athens belongs among the world’s most ancient cities.
  • The ancient Acropolis and the Daphni Monastery are both UNESCO sites and well worth a visit.
  • The National Archeological Museum shows off the largest ancient Greek items collection.

The Acropolis Museum is a must to visit. The ancient Agora and the Acropolis will tell of ancient times. Acropolis means “upper city”, and the imposing citadel above justifies the name. The museum showing Cycladic art will present the prehistoric art objects from the Cyclades islands.


Ancient monasteries atop its massive rock pillars.

  • Meteora rightly belongs with heritage sites of UNESCO, with rocks on which monasteries stand.
  • There were 24 monasteries, but now stone staircases lead to only six of them.

The Great Meteoron, the largest, inhabited by monks, dates from the 14th century.

Places to visit

Places to visit in Greece

So many places this pages became too long. But we couldn’t exclude any of them, so enjoy.

Mount Olympus

  • This mount Olympus is a legendary place, the highest in Greece, it belongs to the Olympus Range.
  • Mytikas is its highest peak, 2,918 meters.
  • Greek myths tell of mighty gods living on Mytikas, and you can see very rich flora there now.

Greece Olympus MountainMount Olympus is a national park.


The three-fingered claw reaching down into the Aegean.

Greece HalkidikiHalkidiki is a beloved spot for summer vacations it attracts with numerous coastal villages.

  • In antiquity, they mined gold here.
  • There is a golf course in the Halkidiki area.

The peninsula resembles a hand having three fingers. The three fingers are Pallene, Sithonia, and Agion Oros, where Mount Athos with its monasteries is located. The summer resorts and the many villages with inviting beaches are on the coast.


The best balcony in the world.

This island, in south of the Agean Sea, is the center of an archipelago.
There are lots of touristy villages with the local cuisine and wines as highlights.
Melitinia cookies are specials for weddings and other festive occasions.

Greece SantoriniWhile there, try the fish dish brantada, or the vegetable dish with cheese called Santorinio Sfougato. The wine industry is thriving, thanks to the local grape variety. Other unmissable local specialties are the sweet and flavorful cherry tomatoes,  white eggplants and local cucumbers called katsouni.


The island grew rich from its exports of precious ore, timber, marble, and, probably, slaves.

  • Thasos is the northernmost of all Greek islands.
  • The largest town, also named Thasos, is reachable by ferry from Keramoti.
  • Its mineral waters and beaches bordering its abundant forests attract numerous tourists.

Greece ThasosThe charming island has marble quarries, dating from ancient times. It is famed for olive oil and honey production. The mountainous landscape lends the beaches a unique backdrop, with mostly pine forests.


The evergreen Greek island.

  • Located in the Ionian Sea, Corfu attracts with rich history and Greek mythology.
  • The old town belongs with UNESCO heritage sites since 2007.

Greece CorfuEaster is especially impressive here, with free concerts by the philharmonics, festive decorations, and throwing of clay pots full of water, to celebrate the Resurrection. The picturesque island has been the site for film shooting, including the James Bond themed 1981 one, “For Your Eyes Only”.


Visit the spectacular Navagio beach, it is the symbol of this beautiful green island in Greece, surrounded by the clear blue water of the Ionian Sea.

  • The name means “The Flower of the East”, it was given by the Venetians.

Greece ZakynthosZakyntos is arrow shaped, mountainous on the west, and lots of beaches in the east. Olives, citrus fruits  and currants are the local must tries. In the Laganas Bay visit the first Marine Park for the country to see there where sea turtles nest.

Navagio beach, with white pebbles, is the most famous one. There are shipwreck remains and a monastery to be seen. BASE jumpers find auspicious conditions in Navagio. Laganas is the largest resort, with a 10 km long beach.


The summer destination of choice for billionaires.

  • Mykonos lies in the South Aegean and its name means “Island of Winds”.
  • The Archeological Museum is among the oldest Greek museums.
  • The Maritime Museum tells of maritime history of the Greeks.

Greece Mykonos The granite terrain without any rivers lends Myconos a unique look. Local drinking water is purified by reverse osmosis of the sea water. The main town on the island is Chora. Make sure to visit The Myconos windmills, built by Venetians. Many mills have been converted and are now homes. Walk around the romantic Little Venice, see the fishers, former merchant or captains houses.


The island with the most beautiful beaches in the world.

  • Lefkada was described in Homer’s work as Ithaca, Odysseus’s homeland.

Greece LefkadaOn the east coast the resort towns of Lygia, Nikiana, Perigiali and Nidri. Visiliki is a resort and a windsurfing center. Cape Lefkada is linked to the story of the poetess Sappho who jumped into the sea from a 30 meters height.


What to do in Greece?

  • Do wind and kite surfing
  • Go Fishing
  • Hike the olympus mount
  • Try the greek sea food
  • Drink Uzo
  • Know more about the ancient Greece
  • Visit some of the archeological sites
  • Visit a Greek island
  • Go on the beach
  • Take a bike on the islands and explore them on your own
  • Go snorkeling and diving.
  • June to September are the best months for yachting


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