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Balkan Tales has had successful tours all over the region, catering to small or large groups to have an exceptional time. One destination that’s popular all around, whether you seek an adventure or prefer cultural attractions is Slovenia. We can add Slovenia to your multi-country tour easily:

  • Programming is extremely flexible to encompass your interests and preferences.
  • We can pick you up and drop you off wherever you want and you can count on comfortable transport for the entire duration of your tour.
  • Each tour is designed to make you feel as though you’re on a road trip with friends and only have to enjoy yourself.

Consider where to start on your tour of Slovenia with our list of suggestions. Balkan Tales has had many successful tours in these locations, but we can also include any special item you’d want!



Slovenian Intangible Cultural Heritage

Slovenian cities to visit

[accordion-item title=”Ljubljana”]

  • Ljubljana, centrally located for Slovenia, lies on the site where an ancient Roman city once stood.
  • The city symbol is the dragon, seen on Ljubljana Castle’s tower, and on the Dragon Bridge over the Ljubljanica river.
  • The 12th century Ljubljana Castle rises on a hill over the city.

The 17th century Annunciation Church adorns the central square. Among other highlights are the Gothic Town Hall, and a replica of the Robba Fountain. Robba was the architect whose works adorn Ljubljana. A more modern building is the 1930 built Nebotičnik, which means “skyscraper”: it rises to over 70 metres height, with shops, offices, private residences; on the top floor are an observation desk, a café, and a bar. From the centre to the Castle take the funicular[/accordion-item]

Important landmarks

[accordion-item title=”Lake Bled”]

  • Not far from Ljubljana, the Bled lake, glacial and tectonic in origin, spreads.
  • It is over 2 kilometres long, around 1,400 metres wide, and almost 30 metres in depth.
  • Inside, the Bled Island is a favorite visiting place.

The environment of the lake combines forests and mountain scapes. On the north, the Bled Castle, dating from Middle Ages, stands. In the lake, on the island, several buildings are located. The most visited one, the church dedicated to Mary’s Assumption, dates from the 17th century. Its tower is 52 metres high, and a staircase with 99 steps leads to the building.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Postojna Cave”]

  • Postojna Cave is a long cave system, with karst caves, in southwest Slovenia.
  • The caves were shaped by the flowing of the Pivka river and spread along over 24 kilometres.
  • In the caves, an exciting spot will be the aquarium with olms, the largest amphibians worldwide.

In 1872, the first train for the transporting of tourists started its operation. First, the guides pushed the trains; later, gas locomotives were introduced for the purpose. Another modernization was the replacement with electric locomotives. Now out of the whole length, 5.3 kilometres are open to be visited by tourists. Cave divers are exploring sections of this huge system of caves.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Triglav National Park”]

  • Being Slovenia’s sole national park, Triglav is unmissable.
  • It lies in an alpine massif, and comprises the Triglav Peak.
  • From the peak, the waters supply two rivers, the Sava and the Soča.

Now the park area is 880 square kilometres, which makes up 4% of Slovenia’s territory. The species of plants, including medicinal ones, are over 59. Look for waterfalls which are numerous. Most waterfalls are in the valleys where the Soča and its tributaries flow. The water of Boka Falls, the highest one, falls from 106 metres. Glacial lakes also adorn the landscapes. The largest lake is Bohinj; other lakes meriting visiting are Triglav Lakes and Lake Krn.[/accordion-item]

What to do:

[accordion-item title=”Hiking”]

  • Slovenia has great conditions for captivating hiking tours, in its only national park, Triglav, in the Julian Alps.
  • Its valleys are also inviting, especially those of the the Sava and Soča.
  • The most impressive lake is Bled, near the capital Ljubljana.

You can get tours with different difficulty grades. The abundance of ridges, valleys, meadows along the international Via Alpina is enchanting, with alpine scapes. Via Alpina will show off quiet but uniquely charming mountain villages. It will also lead you to the famous lakes Bled and Bohinj. In Triglav, self guided and guided tours can take any of the five trails there: Soča, Tolminka troughs, Triglavska Bistrica, Pokljuka, and the Radovna cycling one.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Caving”]

  • With over 10,000 caves, Slovenia is a worthwhile place for caving experiences.
  • The Postojna is a caving system of impressive length, with around 5 out of the 24 kilometres of it which can be toured.
  • Škocjan Cave is UNESCO’s site of heritage importance, with a massive underground canyon.

Among other caves meriting prime attention is Križna, rich in water features, underground lakes. Another, recently discovered cave, is the freezing cold Snežna, Slovenia’s highest one, with stalactites and stalagmites, plus ice formations. In Planina, water features abound, it is famed for another highlight, too: the massive confluence formed by the two underground rivers, Pivka and Rak.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Sightseeing”]

  • From Ljubljana, visit the Postojna, an impressive cave system, and lake Bled.
  • Triglav, the country’s nature park, will show the mountainous part of Slovenian nature.
  • From Kobarid, near the Soča river, one of the most stunning Slovenian waterfalls, Great Kozjak, will expect you.

Postojna is impressive with its underground tunnel. In and by the large lake Bled, the features will provide unique experiences. Great Kozjak waterfall is approached via a spectacular route, with a bunker from World War I; below the fall, a pool is formed. For historic sightseeing, visit Predjama, a castle dating from Renaissance times and housed in a cave mouth, by the Postojna town. In the castle, some movie scenes have been shot.[/accordion-item]

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