Group Tours

The more the merrier holds true when going on a sightseeing tour to a new destination, but it’s quite unmanageable to organize without assistance and resources. You need to think about the proper transportation, accommodation, dining and the actual sightseeing. An impossible task in a region where the language barrier is high. Private Balkan Tours knows all about welcoming and accommodating big groups of foreign travellers – in fact, we’re really good at it.

Private Balkan Tours is a licensed tour operator with a presence across the entire Balkans and we do everything in our ability to create a memorable, fulfilling experience. This includes:

  • Partnering with local hotels, guides, travel business professionals and transport companies to plan the logistics of your private group to the last detail.
  • Accommodating groups as large as 50 people.
  • Sending you a precise quote based on what you want your tour to be.
  • Advising you on all scheduling matters surrounding your itinerary.

Your Group Tour

The reason why Private Balkan Tours remains popular with large groups is that we put our backs into the preparation and organization, delivering a finalized tour that runs like clockwork. We’ll arrange transportation, book accommodation and guide you through a route of your choosing in a variety of different languages. This full service features:

Tour Design: It’s because of our extensive knowledge about landmarks and sights worth seeing, we are quick to craft fun, exciting itineraries for your travelers. Duration varies from just a few days to a full month, and you also can select the pick-up and drop-off locations as you see fit.

Transportation: Depending on the group size, our subcontractors drive up in everything from a comfortable minivan to a luxe bus with a capacity of 52 seats.

Accommodation: Private Balkan Tours has developed an extensive network with 3*, 4* and 5* hotels in all Balkans cities that we feature in our tours.

Culinary Exploration: We show you the authentic tastes of traditional Balkan cuisine served in charming local restaurants. Smaller groups have more freedom to order as they please, but to stay on schedule with groups over 15 people, we work with predefined menu options.

Guidance & Tour Leaders: Travelers learn interesting facts and stories about each sight they visit provided by our professional travel guides in fluent English, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian and French. Contact us with your specific requirements and we will find the right guide. For bigger groups we can send 2 or more guides to accompany your group.

Terms & Additional Details: The group is in transit no longer than 9 hours per driver per day to ensure the group’s safety. To learn more about our policies, head to our Terms & Conditions.

Pricing for Large Groups Over 8 People

You go through the same process when organizing a tour for larger groups, but because of the larger numbers, Private Balkan Tours emphasizes on stricter organization. Groups need to keep a much stricter timetable and also see fewer sights. When planning a guided tour of a larger scale, pricing contains:

  • 1-2 drivers with full expenses covered;
  • Different vehicles with higher border taxes and local road fees;
  • 1-3 tour guides with different set of skills;
  • Prepaid, predefined menus in restaurants;
  • Checking hotel capacity and availability;
  • Fees for sights and attraction.

Further Details:

Price doesn’t include: Personal expenses, tips and gratitude.
Price can include: Accommodation, food, sights, entrance fees.
Price always includes: Transportation (parking, border and road fees, fuel), driver, guide and their expenses.
* VAT is 20%

Design Your Group Tour

Private Balkan Tours has a great, established system in motion that makes planning bigger tours a fast and smooth process. Reach out to us at [number] with your vision or send us the answers to our questionnaire at [email], and we’ll be on our way to create a custom quote with drafts of your itinerary and timetables.