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Hungary is rich in natural landmarks, a perfect destination for nature lovers, but there’s also a lot to see and do in its cities. It’s the ideal addition to your Balkan expedition and Balkan Tours knows best how to incorporate it in your itinerary. Our tours are different, because:

  • We want to give you a local’s perspective. It’s why you’re accompanied by local guides and go down lesser trodden paths.
  • We care about your comfort and will meet you wherever you need – even the airport!
  • We will introduce you to great people and you’ll have a translator in your guide to get to know the people of Hungary.

Get your imagination going and receive ideas for your tour itinerary with the destinations that we consider crucial to visit. You’re free to choose any and all as well as have us develop a specific theme for your guided tour.



Hungarian Intangible Cultural Heritage

Hungarian cities to visit

[accordion-item title=”Budapest”]

  • Budapest will captivate with the Danube banks surrounding area, a heritage site with UNESCO.
  • The Castle and Fishermen’s Bastion along with the Saint Stephan Cathedral, are Buda’s highlights.
  • The Heroes Square will show off Hungarian history, with statues of famous leaders.

The centre boasts historic buildings in diverse style, which makes the settings unique and picturesque. The spas, the Danube banks, the many bridges, and the local cuisine will form a setting to remember long after visiting Budapest. The thermal springs exceed 80, and the water cave system is the world’s largest. Marvel at the Parliament building, the third largest worldwide.[/accordion-item]

Important landmarks

[accordion-item title=”Balaton Lake”]

  • Lake Balaton, Central Europe’s largest one, is Hungary’s main water area for tourism.
  • It is mostly fed by the Zala river, and the water flows out via the canalized Sió.
  • On the northern lake shore, the wine region is famed with wine aficionados.

The main resorts are Balatonfüred, Siófok, and Keszthely. Visiting in the period June to August is the most enjoyable, for bathing and swimming. Indulging in sailing and fishing, plus other aquatic sports, is also a popular pastime. The lanes that surround the lake will appeal to cycling aficionados. The south shore will offer the Balaton Sound music festival for attending.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Aggtelek National Park”]

  • The park, on the border with Slovakia, founded in 1985, is included by UNESCO in the heritage spots list.
  • It comprises caves, the largest of which, also Europe’s biggest one with stalactites, is Baradla.
  • Several caves also serve for other purposes, like Peace Cave, hosting a sanatorium for asthma treatment.

The park is subdivided into zones. Zone A is for wildlife only; Zones B and C are for visitors. In Zone B, you can follow the marked trails. Baradla has been excavated to establish vestiges over 7,000 years old. Other caves open for visitors are Imre Vass, Béke, Rákóczi. The acoustics of Baradla is used for concerts.[/accordion-item]

What to do

[accordion-item title=”Dark tourism”]

Dark history related sites are linked to Nazi ruling, the 1956 uprising against communism, and socialist times.

Landmarks include the House of Terror, the Holocaust Memorial Centre, the Memento Park.

Must also include the old Jewish neighbourhood and the Shoe Monument near the Parliament commemorating Jews shooting.

The House of Terror, a grey building, has the word Terror on a ledge outside, and is dedicated to victims who perished during the 1956 uprising.

The Holocaust Centre is comprised of a synagogue, a restored one, and an exhibition themed on Hungarian Jews’ fate in the Holocaust.

In the Memento Park, the permanent exhibition of Socialist time statues is worth seeing.[/accordion-item]

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